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ActiveFeatureMap - Class in org.togglz.jsf
ActiveFeatureMap() - Constructor for class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
add(IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab
add(Feature, FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTabView
afterPropertiesSet() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
allDisabled(Class<? extends Feature>) - Static method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
allEnabled(Class<? extends Feature>) - Static method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
AnnotationFeatureGroup - Class in org.togglz.core.group
An implementation of FeatureGroup that based on annotations.
AnnotationFeatureGroup(Class<? extends Annotation>) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.group.AnnotationFeatureGroup
apply(Statement, Description) - Method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
asList(Iterator<E>) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Lists
autoDiscovery(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
The method will use the BeanFinder SPI to find a TogglzConfig instance to use for configuration.


BEAN_MANAGER_JNDI - Static variable in class org.togglz.cdi.spi.CDIBeanFinder
BEAN_MANAGER_JNDI_TOMCAT - Static variable in class org.togglz.cdi.spi.CDIBeanFinder
BeanFinder - Interface in org.togglz.core.spi
This SPI is used by Tooglz to lookup beans that are managed by bean containers like CDI or Spring.
bind(FeatureManager) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.context.ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider
Store the supplied FeatureManager in the thread context.
bind(FeatureUser) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.user.thread.ThreadLocalUserProvider
Store the supplied FeatureUser in the thread context.
bind(FeatureManager) - Static method in class org.togglz.servlet.spi.WebAppFeatureManagerProvider
Binds the FeatureManager to the current context classloader.
bind(HttpServletRequest) - Static method in class org.togglz.servlet.util.HttpServletRequestHolder
Associate the request with the current thread.
build(Feature) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.FeatureMetaData
build(Class<? extends Annotation>) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.group.AnnotationFeatureGroup
build() - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
Create the FeatureManager using the current configuration of the builder


CachingStateRepository - Class in org.togglz.core.repository.cache
Simple implementation of StateRepository which adds caching capabilities to an existing repository.
CachingStateRepository(StateRepository) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.cache.CachingStateRepository
Creates a caching facade for the supplied StateRepository.
CachingStateRepository(StateRepository, long) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.cache.CachingStateRepository
Creates a caching facade for the supplied StateRepository.
CDIBeanFinder - Class in org.togglz.cdi.spi
CDIBeanFinder() - Constructor for class org.togglz.cdi.spi.CDIBeanFinder
ClassUtils - Class in org.togglz.core.util
ClassUtils() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.ClassUtils
clear() - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
clearCache() - Static method in class org.togglz.core.context.FeatureContext
close(InputStream) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.IOUtils
closeQuietly(Connection) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.DbUtils
closeQuietly(Statement) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.DbUtils
closeQuietly(ResultSet) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.DbUtils
compare(Weighted, Weighted) - Method in class org.togglz.core.util.Weighted.WeightedComparator
compareTo(IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab
contains(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.group.AnnotationFeatureGroup
contains(Feature) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.group.FeatureGroup
containsKey(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
containsValue(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
copy(InputStream, OutputStream) - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestHandlerBase
copy() - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.FeatureState
Creates a copy of this object
create(Class<F>) - Static method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
createInstance(String) - Method in class org.togglz.core.jndi.FeatureManagerObjectFactory
Creates an instance of the supplied class.
createInstance(String, Class<T>) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.ClassUtils


DbUtils - Class in org.togglz.core.util
DbUtils() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.DbUtils
debug(String) - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log
debug(String) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.logging.Log
debug(String) - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog
DefaultFeatureManager - Class in org.togglz.core.manager
Default implementation of FeatureManager
DeltaSpikeUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.deltaspike
Initial integration for Apache DeltaSpike.
DeltaSpikeUserProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.deltaspike.DeltaSpikeUserProvider
Deployments - Class in org.togglz.test
Deployments() - Constructor for class org.togglz.test.Deployments
destroy() - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.TogglzFilter
disable(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
disable(F) - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
Disable this feature in the variation set.
disable(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
disableAll() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
disableAll() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
Disable all features in the variation set.
disableAll() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.TogglzFilter
doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class org.togglz.test.FeatureServlet
doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class org.togglz.test.UserServlet


EditPageHandler - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
EditPageHandler() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.handlers.EditPageHandler
enable(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
enable(F) - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
Enable this feature in the variation set.
enable(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
enableAll() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
enableAll() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
Enable all features in the variation set.
enableAll() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
EnabledByDefault - Annotation Type in org.togglz.core.annotation
Allows to specify that the annotated feature should be enabled by default if the StateRepository doesn't have any state saved.
entrySet() - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
equalsIgnoreCase(String, String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Strings
error(String) - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log
error(String, Throwable) - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log
error(String) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.logging.Log
error(String, Throwable) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.logging.Log
error(String) - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog
error(String, Throwable) - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog


FallbackTestFeatureManager - Class in org.togglz.testing.fallback
FallbackTestFeatureManager() - Constructor for class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManager
FallbackTestFeatureManagerProvider - Class in org.togglz.testing.fallback
FallbackTestFeatureManagerProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManagerProvider
Feature - Interface in org.togglz.core
This interface has to be implemented by feature enums
FeatureAdmin - Annotation Type in org.togglz.seam.security
FeatureAnnotations - Class in org.togglz.core.util
Utility class to read annotation on feature enums.
FeatureAnnotations() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.FeatureAnnotations
featureClass(Class<? extends Feature>) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
Use the supplied feature class for the feature manager.
FeatureContext - Class in org.togglz.core.context
This class is typically used to obtain the FeatureManager from application code.
FeatureContext() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.context.FeatureContext
FeatureGroup - Annotation Type in org.togglz.core.annotation
Identifies an annotation type as an feature group annotation
FeatureGroup - Interface in org.togglz.core.group
Represents a group of feature flags.
FeatureManager - Interface in org.togglz.core.manager
The FeatureManager is the central class in Togglz.
FeatureManagerBuilder - Class in org.togglz.core.manager
FeatureManagerBuilder() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
FeatureManagerObjectFactory - Class in org.togglz.core.jndi
Implementation of ObjectFactory that creates a FeatureManager.
FeatureManagerObjectFactory() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.jndi.FeatureManagerObjectFactory
FeatureManagerProducer - Class in org.togglz.cdi
FeatureManagerProducer() - Constructor for class org.togglz.cdi.FeatureManagerProducer
FeatureManagerProvider - Interface in org.togglz.core.spi
SPI used by FeatureContext to lookup the FeatureManager to use.
FeatureMetaData - Class in org.togglz.core
Represents metadata of a feature that can be specified using annotations like Label or EnabledByDefault.
FeatureProxyFactoryBean - Class in org.togglz.spring.proxy
Implementation of FactoryBean that creates a proxy that delegates invocation to one of two target beans depending on that state of a given feature.
FeatureProxyFactoryBean() - Constructor for class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
FeatureProxyInvocationHandler - Class in org.togglz.core.proxy
A InvocationHandler implementation that delegates invocation to one of two object depending on the state of the specified feature.
FeatureProxyInvocationHandler(Feature, Object, Object) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.proxy.FeatureProxyInvocationHandler
FeatureServlet - Class in org.togglz.test
FeatureServlet() - Constructor for class org.togglz.test.FeatureServlet
FeatureState - Class in org.togglz.core.repository
This class represents the state of a feature that is persisted by the StateRepository implementations.
FeatureState(Feature, boolean) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.FeatureState
This constructor creates a new feature state with an empty user list.
FeatureState(Feature, boolean, List<String>) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.FeatureState
Creates a new FeatureState instance.
FeatureUser - Interface in org.togglz.core.user
This interface represents a user for Togglz
FeatureVariations - Class in org.togglz.junit.vary
This class is custom JUnit runner that allows to run tests against different feature combinations.
FeatureVariations(Class<?>) - Constructor for class org.togglz.junit.vary.FeatureVariations
FileBasedStateRepository - Class in org.togglz.core.repository.file
This implementation of StateRepository stores the state of feature using a standard Java properties file.
FileBasedStateRepository(File) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.file.FileBasedStateRepository
Constructor for FileBasedStateRepository.
find(Class<T>, Object) - Method in class org.togglz.cdi.spi.CDIBeanFinder
find(Class<E>, Object) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.spi.BeanFinder
Retrieve a list of all beans of the given type.
find(Class<E>, Object) - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.spi.ServletContextBeanFinder
find(Class<T>, Object) - Method in class org.togglz.spring.spi.SpringBeanFinder


get(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
get() - Static method in class org.togglz.servlet.util.HttpServletRequestHolder
getActive() - Method in class org.togglz.core.proxy.FeatureProxyInvocationHandler
getActive() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
getAnnotation(Feature, Class<A>) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.FeatureAnnotations
getAnnotations(Feature) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.FeatureAnnotations
getBasicWebArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getChildren() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.FeatureVariations
getConfiguration(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.core.jndi.FeatureManagerObjectFactory
This class looks up the TogglzConfig to use when building the FeatureManager.
getContext() - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestEvent
getCurrentFeatureUser() - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.DefaultFeatureManager
getCurrentFeatureUser() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManager
Get the current feature user.
getCurrentFeatureUser() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManager
getCurrentFeatureUser() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.core.user.jaas.JAASUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.core.user.NoOpUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.core.user.thread.ThreadLocalUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.user.UserProvider
Return a FeatureUser instance representing the current user.
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.deltaspike.DeltaSpikeUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.seam.security.SeamSecurityUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.user.ServletUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.shiro.ShiroUserProvider
getCurrentUser() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.security.SpringSecurityUserProvider
getFeature() - Method in class org.togglz.core.proxy.FeatureProxyInvocationHandler
getFeature() - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.FeatureState
Returns the feature represented by this feature state.
getFeature() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
getFeatureClass() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.TogglzConfig
Used to tell Togglz about the feature enum that you want to use.
getFeatureClass() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
getFeatureManager() - Static method in class org.togglz.core.context.FeatureContext
Returns the FeatureManager for the current application (context class loader).
getFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.core.context.JNDIFeatureManagerProvider
getFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.core.context.ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider
getFeatureManager() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.spi.FeatureManagerProvider
getFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.TogglzRule
getFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.spi.WebAppFeatureManagerProvider
getFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManagerProvider
getFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManagerProvider
getFeatures() - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.DefaultFeatureManager
getFeatures() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManager
Provides a list of all features the manager is responsible for.
getFeatures() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManager
getFeatures() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.DefaultFeatureManager
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManager
Returns the FeatureState for the specified feature.
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.cache.CachingStateRepository
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.file.FileBasedStateRepository
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc.JDBCStateRepository
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.mem.InMemoryStateRepository
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.repository.StateRepository
Get the persisted state of a feature from the repository.
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManager
getFeatureState(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
getGroups() - Method in class org.togglz.core.FeatureMetaData
getInactive() - Method in class org.togglz.core.proxy.FeatureProxyInvocationHandler
getInactive() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
getIndex() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab
getLabel() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow
getLabel() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab
getLabel() - Method in class org.togglz.core.FeatureMetaData
getLabel() - Method in class org.togglz.core.group.AnnotationFeatureGroup
getLabel() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.group.FeatureGroup
getLabel(Feature) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.FeatureAnnotations
getLog(String) - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider
getLog(Class<?>) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.logging.LogFactory
getLog(String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.logging.LogFactory
getLog(String) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.spi.LogProvider
getLog(String) - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider
getName() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow
getName() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.user.FeatureUser
Get the unique name for this use
getName() - Method in class org.togglz.core.user.SimpleFeatureUser
getObject() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
getObjectInstance(Object, Name, Context, Hashtable<?, ?>) - Method in class org.togglz.core.jndi.FeatureManagerObjectFactory
getObjectType() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
getPath() - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestEvent
getProxyType() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
getRequest() - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestEvent
getResourceAsString(String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestHandlerBase
getResponse() - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestEvent
getRows() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab
getStateRepository() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.TogglzConfig
The StateRepository Togglz should use to store feature state.
getTabs() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTabView
getTogglzCDIArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getTogglzCoreArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getTogglzJSFArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getTogglzSeamSecurityArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getTogglzSerlvetArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getTogglzShiroArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getTogglzSpringArchive() - Static method in class org.togglz.test.Deployments
getUserProvider() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.TogglzConfig
The UserProvider Togglz should use to obtain the current user.
getUsers() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow
getUsers() - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.FeatureState
The list of users associated with the feature state.
getVariants() - Method in interface org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSet
Build the variant set data structure from the current configuration of the class.
getVariants() - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder


handles(String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.EditPageHandler
handles(String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler
handles(String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.InitialRedirectHandler
handles(String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.ResourceHandler
handles(String) - Method in interface org.togglz.console.RequestHandler
HttpServletRequestHolder - Class in org.togglz.servlet.util
This class can be used to bind the HttpServletRequest to a thread local.
HttpServletRequestHolder() - Constructor for class org.togglz.servlet.util.HttpServletRequestHolder


IndexPageHandler - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
IndexPageHandler() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler
IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow(FeatureState) - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow
IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTabView - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTabView() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTabView
info(String) - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log
info(String) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.logging.Log
info(String) - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog
init(ServletConfig) - Method in class org.togglz.console.TogglzConsoleServlet
init(FilterConfig) - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.TogglzFilter
InitialRedirectHandler - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
InitialRedirectHandler() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.handlers.InitialRedirectHandler
InMemoryStateRepository - Class in org.togglz.core.repository.mem
A very simply implementation of StateRepository entirely on memory.
InMemoryStateRepository() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.mem.InMemoryStateRepository
invoke(Object, Method, Object[]) - Method in class org.togglz.core.proxy.FeatureProxyInvocationHandler
IOUtils - Class in org.togglz.core.util
IOUtils() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.IOUtils
isActive() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.Feature
Checks whether the feature is active for the current user.
isActive(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.DefaultFeatureManager
isActive(Feature) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManager
Checks whether the supplied feature is active or not.
isActive() - Method in class org.togglz.core.util.UntypedFeature
isActive(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManager
isActive(Feature) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
isAllTab() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageTab
isAnnotationPresent(Feature, Class<? extends Annotation>) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.FeatureAnnotations
isBlank(String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Strings
isDebugEnabled() - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log
isDebugEnabled() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.logging.Log
isDebugEnabled() - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog
isEmpty() - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
isEnabled() - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler.IndexPageRow
isEnabled() - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.FeatureState
Whether this feature is enabled or not.
isEnabledByDefault() - Method in class org.togglz.core.FeatureMetaData
isEnabledByDefault(Feature) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.FeatureAnnotations
isFeatureAdmin() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.user.FeatureUser
Is the user a feature admin, which means that he is able to use the Togglz Admin Console.
isFeatureAdmin(Principal) - Method in class org.togglz.core.user.jaas.JAASUserProvider
Checks if the supplied user is a feature admin.
isFeatureAdmin() - Method in class org.togglz.core.user.SimpleFeatureUser
isFeatureAdmin(Identity) - Method in class org.togglz.deltaspike.DeltaSpikeUserProvider
Checks if the supplied user is a feature admin.
isNotBlank(String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Strings
isSingleton() - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean


JAASUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.core.user.jaas
This implementation supports looking up the current user the JAAS AccessControlContext.
JAASUserProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.user.jaas.JAASUserProvider
JDBCStateRepository - Class in org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc
This repository implementation can be used to store the feature state in SQL database using the standard JDBC API.
JDBCStateRepository(DataSource) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc.JDBCStateRepository
Constructor of JDBCStateRepository.
JDBCStateRepository(DataSource, String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc.JDBCStateRepository
Constructor of JDBCStateRepository.
Jdk14LogProvider - Class in org.togglz.core.logging
Implementation of LogProvider for the standard JDK logging facilities.
Jdk14LogProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider
Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log - Class in org.togglz.core.logging
Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log(String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider.Jdk14Log
JNDI_NAME - Static variable in class org.togglz.core.context.JNDIFeatureManagerProvider
JNDIFeatureManagerProvider - Class in org.togglz.core.context
Implementation of FeatureManagerProvider that tries to look up a FeatureManager from JNDI using the name java:/comp/env/FeatureManager.
JNDIFeatureManagerProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.context.JNDIFeatureManagerProvider
join(Collection<String>, String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Strings


keySet() - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap


Label - Annotation Type in org.togglz.core.annotation
Allows to set a label for a feature.
Lists - Class in org.togglz.core.util
Lists() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.Lists
loadResource(String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestHandlerBase
Log - Interface in org.togglz.core.logging
Togglz logging abstraction
LogFactory - Class in org.togglz.core.logging
Factory class for creating new loggers.
LogFactory() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.logging.LogFactory
LogProvider - Interface in org.togglz.core.spi
SPI for integrating with other logging frameworks.


name() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.Feature
Returns a textual representation of the feature.
name() - Method in class org.togglz.core.util.UntypedFeature
NoOpUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.core.user
This implementation of UserProvider can be used if user-dependent feature toggling isn't used at all.
NoOpUserProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.user.NoOpUserProvider
notBlank(String, String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Validate
notNull(Object, String) - Static method in class org.togglz.core.util.Validate


org.togglz.cdi - package org.togglz.cdi
org.togglz.cdi.spi - package org.togglz.cdi.spi
org.togglz.console - package org.togglz.console
org.togglz.console.handlers - package org.togglz.console.handlers
org.togglz.core - package org.togglz.core
org.togglz.core.annotation - package org.togglz.core.annotation
org.togglz.core.context - package org.togglz.core.context
org.togglz.core.group - package org.togglz.core.group
org.togglz.core.jndi - package org.togglz.core.jndi
org.togglz.core.logging - package org.togglz.core.logging
org.togglz.core.manager - package org.togglz.core.manager
org.togglz.core.proxy - package org.togglz.core.proxy
org.togglz.core.repository - package org.togglz.core.repository
org.togglz.core.repository.cache - package org.togglz.core.repository.cache
org.togglz.core.repository.file - package org.togglz.core.repository.file
org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc - package org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc
org.togglz.core.repository.mem - package org.togglz.core.repository.mem
org.togglz.core.spi - package org.togglz.core.spi
org.togglz.core.user - package org.togglz.core.user
org.togglz.core.user.jaas - package org.togglz.core.user.jaas
org.togglz.core.user.thread - package org.togglz.core.user.thread
org.togglz.core.util - package org.togglz.core.util
org.togglz.deltaspike - package org.togglz.deltaspike
org.togglz.jsf - package org.togglz.jsf
org.togglz.junit - package org.togglz.junit
org.togglz.junit.vary - package org.togglz.junit.vary
org.togglz.seam.security - package org.togglz.seam.security
org.togglz.servlet - package org.togglz.servlet
org.togglz.servlet.spi - package org.togglz.servlet.spi
org.togglz.servlet.user - package org.togglz.servlet.user
org.togglz.servlet.util - package org.togglz.servlet.util
org.togglz.shiro - package org.togglz.shiro
org.togglz.slf4j - package org.togglz.slf4j
org.togglz.spring.proxy - package org.togglz.spring.proxy
org.togglz.spring.security - package org.togglz.spring.security
org.togglz.spring.spi - package org.togglz.spring.spi
org.togglz.test - package org.togglz.test
org.togglz.testing - package org.togglz.testing
org.togglz.testing.fallback - package org.togglz.testing.fallback


PermissionTester - Class in org.togglz.seam.security
PermissionTester() - Constructor for class org.togglz.seam.security.PermissionTester
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.core.context.JNDIFeatureManagerProvider
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.core.context.ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.core.logging.Jdk14LogProvider
priority() - Method in interface org.togglz.core.util.Weighted
Low priorities are processed first.
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.servlet.spi.WebAppFeatureManagerProvider
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManagerProvider
priority() - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManagerProvider
process(RequestEvent) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.EditPageHandler
process(RequestEvent) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.IndexPageHandler
process(RequestEvent) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.InitialRedirectHandler
process(RequestEvent) - Method in class org.togglz.console.handlers.ResourceHandler
process(RequestEvent) - Method in interface org.togglz.console.RequestHandler
produceFeatureManager() - Method in class org.togglz.cdi.FeatureManagerProducer
put(String, Boolean) - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
putAll(Map<? extends String, ? extends Boolean>) - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap


release() - Static method in class org.togglz.core.context.ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider
Removes the FeatureManager associated with the current thread from the thread's context.
release() - Static method in class org.togglz.core.user.thread.ThreadLocalUserProvider
Removes the user associated with the current thread from the thread's context.
release() - Static method in class org.togglz.servlet.spi.WebAppFeatureManagerProvider
Removes the FeatureManager associated with the current context classloader from the internal datastructure.
release() - Static method in class org.togglz.servlet.util.HttpServletRequestHolder
Remove the request that is currently associated with the current thread.
remove(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
RequestEvent - Class in org.togglz.console
RequestEvent(ServletContext, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.RequestEvent
RequestHandler - Interface in org.togglz.console
RequestHandlerBase - Class in org.togglz.console
RequestHandlerBase() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.RequestHandlerBase
ResourceHandler - Class in org.togglz.console.handlers
ResourceHandler() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.handlers.ResourceHandler
runners - Variable in class org.togglz.junit.vary.FeatureVariations


SeamSecurityUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.seam.security
SeamSecurityUserProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.seam.security.SeamSecurityUserProvider
service(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class org.togglz.console.TogglzConsoleServlet
SERVLET_CONTEXT_ATTR_WELD_1_1 - Static variable in class org.togglz.cdi.spi.CDIBeanFinder
ServletContextBeanFinder - Class in org.togglz.servlet.spi
This implementation of BeanFinder allows to register implementations of a given interface by setting a servlet context parameter.
ServletContextBeanFinder() - Constructor for class org.togglz.servlet.spi.ServletContextBeanFinder
ServletUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.servlet.user
Implementation of UserProvider that uses HttpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() to obtain the user.
ServletUserProvider(String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.servlet.user.ServletUserProvider
This constructor requires you to supply the name of the role that identifies users to be feature admins.
setActive(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
setFeature(String) - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
setFeatureManager(FeatureManager) - Static method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManagerProvider
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.DefaultFeatureManager
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManager
Updates the state of a feature.
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.cache.CachingStateRepository
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.file.FileBasedStateRepository
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.jdbc.JDBCStateRepository
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.core.repository.mem.InMemoryStateRepository
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in interface org.togglz.core.repository.StateRepository
Persist the supplied feature state.
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.fallback.FallbackTestFeatureManager
setFeatureState(FeatureState) - Method in class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
setInactive(Object) - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
setProxyType(Class<?>) - Method in class org.togglz.spring.proxy.FeatureProxyFactoryBean
ShiroUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.shiro
A UserProvider implementation for Apache Shiro.
ShiroUserProvider(String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.shiro.ShiroUserProvider
Constructor for the provider.
SimpleFeatureUser - Class in org.togglz.core.user
Default implementation of FeatureUser.
SimpleFeatureUser(String, boolean) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.user.SimpleFeatureUser
Constructor of DefaultFeatureManager.
size() - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
Slf4jLogProvider - Class in org.togglz.slf4j
Provider for integrating with SLF4J.
Slf4jLogProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider
Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog - Class in org.togglz.slf4j
Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog(String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.slf4j.Slf4jLogProvider.SLF4JLog
SpringBeanFinder - Class in org.togglz.spring.spi
SpringBeanFinder() - Constructor for class org.togglz.spring.spi.SpringBeanFinder
SpringSecurityUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.spring.security
SpringSecurityUserProvider(String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.spring.security.SpringSecurityUserProvider
stateRepository(StateRepository) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
Use the supplied state repository for the feature manager.
StateRepository - Interface in org.togglz.core.repository
This interface defines the contract for a class that stores the feature state.
Strings - Class in org.togglz.core.util
Strings() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.Strings


testFeatureAdminPermission() - Method in class org.togglz.seam.security.PermissionTester
TestFeatureManager - Class in org.togglz.testing
TestFeatureManager(Class<? extends Feature>) - Constructor for class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManager
TestFeatureManagerProvider - Class in org.togglz.testing
TestFeatureManagerProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.testing.TestFeatureManagerProvider
ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider - Class in org.togglz.core.context
This implementation of FeatureManagerProvider allows to store the FeatureManager in a ThreadLocal for the current thread.
ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.context.ThreadLocalFeatureManagerProvider
ThreadLocalUserProvider - Class in org.togglz.core.user.thread
This implementation of UserProvider is very useful if authentication has been implemented using a servlet filter.
ThreadLocalUserProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.user.thread.ThreadLocalUserProvider
togglzConfig(TogglzConfig) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
Initialize the builder with the configuration from the supplied TogglzConfig instance.
TogglzConfig - Interface in org.togglz.core.manager
This interface represents the configuration of Togglz.
TogglzConsoleServlet - Class in org.togglz.console
TogglzConsoleServlet() - Constructor for class org.togglz.console.TogglzConsoleServlet
TogglzFilter - Class in org.togglz.servlet
This filter is the central component of the Togglz Servlet integration module.
TogglzFilter() - Constructor for class org.togglz.servlet.TogglzFilter
TogglzRule - Class in org.togglz.junit
JUnit rule that simplifies the process of controlling features in unit tests.


UntypedFeature - Class in org.togglz.core.util
An untyped feature can be used if the name of a feature is known but not the correct type of the feature enum.
UntypedFeature(String) - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.UntypedFeature
userProvider(UserProvider) - Method in class org.togglz.core.manager.FeatureManagerBuilder
Use the supplied UserProvider for the feature manager.
UserProvider - Interface in org.togglz.core.user
Implementations of this class a responsible to identify the current user acting in the application.
UserServlet - Class in org.togglz.test
UserServlet() - Constructor for class org.togglz.test.UserServlet


Validate - Class in org.togglz.core.util
Common methods for checking method contracts.
Validate() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.Validate
values() - Method in class org.togglz.jsf.ActiveFeatureMap
Variations - Annotation Type in org.togglz.junit.vary
This annotation is used if a test class is executed with FeatureVariations.
VariationSet<F extends Feature> - Interface in org.togglz.junit.vary
This class represents a set of feature state variants.
VariationSetBuilder<F extends Feature> - Class in org.togglz.junit.vary
Default implementation of VariationSet that allows to build the set dynamically.
vary(F) - Method in class org.togglz.junit.vary.VariationSetBuilder
Vary this feature in the variation set.


WebAppFeatureManagerProvider - Class in org.togglz.servlet.spi
This implementation of FeatureManagerProvider stores one FeatureManager for each context classloader.
WebAppFeatureManagerProvider() - Constructor for class org.togglz.servlet.spi.WebAppFeatureManagerProvider
Weighted - Interface in org.togglz.core.util
Common interface for classes that have different priorities.
Weighted.WeightedComparator - Class in org.togglz.core.util
Weighted.WeightedComparator() - Constructor for class org.togglz.core.util.Weighted.WeightedComparator
writeResponse(RequestEvent, String) - Method in class org.togglz.console.RequestHandlerBase
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